My goal with this podcast, is to talk to an eclectic mix of people about an eclectic range of topics. The only thing all my guests are guaranteed to have in common, is that I want to chat with them.

It’ll be everyone from high altitude mountaineers, adventurers and big wave surfers, to climate activists, scientists and people with inspirational stories to tell, along with everyone in the middle, and on the fringes.

I want to have open conversations, with no hidden agenda, just one person getting to know another. Sometimes we’ll focus on the guest’s career, their life in general, things they’re passionate about, or maybe current events and ‘news’.

I will plan to an extent, but will absolutely let the conversations run their natural course.

Frequency: NEW episodes every other FRIDAY.

Duration: I’m sure there will be conversations that run over three or four hours. In general though, I hope and expect to average between one and two hours.

If you, or someone you know, has an interesting story or point of view, and would like to chat with me — please reach out. Details of how to do so are on my contact page. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


I hate writing about myself, but I was told I need to say something…
As time passes, I find I’m quieter, more thoughtful, considered & peaceful. I often reflect on heavy topics, try to look at things through different lenses, and I try to never judge others without knowing their story. I’ve had (and have) my struggles with physical health, mental health, and life just kicking my ass. Starting a podcast is terrifying to me, but let’s be honest, it’s just two people talking


I saw two green meteors, both within the week of my 30th birthday || I use handkerchiefs, not tissues || I am a man, and my dog is my best friend. Yes I know, very cliché || When I was a child I rescued a baby frog from killer water bugs and he lived with me for a couple of days || My first pets were called Fishy and Wiggle. They were fish || I once leant a guy a pair of my shoes for a job interview, he got the job || My big toes are freakishly strong || I would love to climb big mountains, but I’m more suited to hills.